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The Absolute Best Bed Bug Treatment

in the Denver Metro Area.

Discreet Chemical Free Bed Bug Treatments.

       Heat Pro is Colorado's premier heat treatment company for bed bug exterminations and removal, your local bed bug experts. Bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to chemical treatments, which is why we take a different approach to bed bug treatments. Heat above 118 degree kills enzymes within the cellular makeup of bed bugs and their eggs and can penetrate into all the hiding places of bed bugs. Heat treatments are much safer, more effective, and require less preparation work. For a bed bug heat treatment in Colorado, we are the leaders in value, quality, and a truly scientific approach.  Heat Pro also specializes in Bed Bug removal from apartments, hotels and motels in the Denver Metro Area, Boulder and Mountain Resorts.

Home Bed Bug Treatments
System Rental
Luggage Treatments
bed bug luggage treatment
  • Drop off heat treatments for luggage that has been exposed to bed bugs. Avoid any risk to your home by putting your suitcase in a trash bag and having us treat all your contents. 


$179 for up to 3 Suitecases


  • This DIY system will treat a standard size bedroom and is ideal for smaller infestations in a single bedroom.

  • Includes heater, fans, extension cords, instructions, and advice.


         $250 treatment Cancellation fee.

  • Entire home or apartment heat treatments are the most effective bed bug treatments because heat kills bed bugs and their eggs everywhere in your home.

  • Treatment is completed in one day, there is rarely a need for an additional treatment


Prices starting at $895
(1,000 SQF or Less)
Bed Bug Equipment Rental
Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Service Areas

One Year Warranty-Best In Denver and Northern Colorado!

Heat Pro provides the longest warranty of any bed bug heat treatment company in Denver. Heat Pro will return at no charge for one additional treatment at no cost for a period of up to ONE YEAR from the date of the original treatment of single family homes. This guarantee applies to full service heat treatments of entire residences. 


Bed Bug Inspections 

Bed bugs are small and reclusive in nature. However, bed bugs are visible (apple seed sized). Regarding inspecting for bed bugs, you spend much more time in your home as an observer and you are much more likely to find a bed bug than a pest control professional performing a quick visual inspection. Many companies offer free inspections to employ scare sales tactics. We do not believe in this practice. 

Denver, CO

Boulder, CO

Fort Collins, CO

Greeley, CO

Colorado Springs, CO

Thornton, CO

Littleton, CO

Centennial, CO

Westminster, CO

Golden, CO

Lakewood, CO

Glendale, CO

Highlands Ranch, CO

Parker, CO

Arvada, CO

Castle Rock, CO

Aurora, CO


Additional Bed Bug Services Offered

Heat Pro provides bed bug heat treatments in Denver and surrounding areas. In additional, we offer bed bug DIY heater rentals (complete with all necessary accessories), drop off luggage heat treatments, bed bug vehicle treatments, bed bug inspection services, bed bug expert legal testimony, and more!

Heat Pro Reviews

James H

8 Months Ago

Bill was an invaluable resource when we were freaking out about  a bedbug infestation. We had recently returned from vacation and noticed a bug that looked like a bedbug in our room. I spoke with Bill with Heat pro and he suggested I bring a sample of what we found down to him and he would analyze it. He informed us that it was certainly a bat bug and in fact nothing to be concerned about. Not only did he save us a ton of stress and headache. He also could've made a quick sale and instead he was an honest and responsible business person. I will always keep his number and recommended him to anybody that may need his services in future.

Liz Dougan

10 Months Ago

I cannot recommend Heat Pro enough! Bill is very professional and responds right away. His employee came out the very next day, and they both saw the job through until the end. Bill went above and beyond to make an awful situation much easier to deal with. I hope I never need his services again, but should the need arise I will definitely use him again.

Brandon Orcutt

These guys are great.  Unlike so many companies today, they care about your needs and will do everything they can to make sure the job is done right.  The owner, Bill, far exceeded my expectations on a customer service level on several different occasions throughout the process.  Thanks to Heat Pro, we have been bug free for three weeks now.  And, with the four month guarantee, I have the peace of mind knowing that even if one or two pesky little critters managed to survive, Heat Pro will be back to see the job through.  I would highly recommend Heat Pro over any other exterminator in the Denver area.

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