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Denver Bed Bug Heat Treatment Preparation

Image by Dinh Ng.

Clothing and Folded Fabrics: Any folded fabrics (folded clothes in drawers, hampers, etc) act as potential insulators against heat and bugs hiding within those fabrics could survive. Please either hang folded/stacked clothes or fabrics or put those clothes/fabrics through a dryer cycle on high heat for at least 30 minutes; then, put those clothes/fabrics from the dryer into a sealed or tied off trash bag for the duration of the heat treatment. Those bags can be left inside, on a patio, or in a garage.

Please remove from the property the following heat sensitive items:
1. All aerosol and pressurized cans - hairspray, deodorants, bug spray, asthma inhalers, spray paint, and cleaning products.
2. Candles, crayons, wax figurines, and oil paintings.
3. Any live plants or animals.
4. Food-Chocolate, fruits, vegetables, and breads (any heat sensitive item can be put into the refrigerator)
5. Beverages-Full bottles of wine and carbonated beverages
6. Medication/Medicine
7. Stringed musical instruments (please leave cases)
8. Vinyl window blinds, vinyl records, and vinyl fake plants.
9. ‘Crocs’ shoes.
10. All flammable materials - butane lighters, lamp fuel, solvents, fuel for food warmers, etc. Ammunition can remain in the home, however, please unload all firearms.
11. Turn off furnace or thermostat.
12. Cosmetics
13. Smoke detector.
*Please remove any questionable items.

General Home Instructions:
1. Please vacuum and clean up any diatomaceous earth or any other pesticidal powders. Please immediately discontinue the use of any ‘bug bombs’, sprays, etc. These over the counter remedies will cause bed bugs to spread.
2. Please advise Heat Pro if mattresses or box springs are sitting directly on the floor. Beds sitting directly on the floor can cause bed bugs to hide in walls and trim work. If an additional treatment is needed, Heat Pro will require all beds be elevated in a frame for 3 weeks prior to re-treatment to allow time for those bugs in hiding to come out of trim work.
3. You can leave all current bedding on the beds in the property. Please drain any water beds and deflate any air beds.
4. Please clean wood burning fireplaces of burnt wood or chemically treated fire starting logs.
5. Please make sure closets and other parts of of the home are decluttered enough that horizontal airflow would sufficiently pass all content.
6. Please remove any monitored fire alarms or smoke detectors. *Please advise Heat Pro before treatment if a fire sprinkler system is present. That system may need to be drained.
7. Don't remove ANY furniture including mattress and box springs before consulting us. Removing furniture heavily increases the chances of spreading bugs to other parts of the property.

Couple Packing Boxes
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