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Bed Bugs Services & Pricing




System Rental

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Our full-service heat treatments include treatment of your entire home or residence. During the treatment, every part of the home will be raised to at least 135 degrees through the use of specialized heaters and fans. Your technician will monitor temperatures, bed bug activity, and will move content around as needed to expose content to heat.

Properties Up to 2,000 SQF:
$.95 per SQF of the property with a minimum of $995.

Properties 2,000-5000 SQF:
Discount may apply.

Commercial Properties:
Quotes Upon Inspection.

*Call for an exact quote. Extensive or long-term infestations or travel outside Denver metro may incur further cost. Multiple apartments/units are treated as individual cases, not based on raw square footage.

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Our car heat treatment includes treatment for your entire vehicle. We range from small standard cars up to semis.

Small Car/Standard:

Large SUV’s and Trucks:

Call for more info.

Carry-On Suitcase

If you suspect your belongings have been exposed to bed bugs, place them in a garbage bag and drop them off at our facility. We'll ensure your contents are thoroughly cleaned and all bed bugs are removed.

Pick up and deliver ONLY in the Denver Metro area.


This system will treat a standard-size bedroom (up to 300SQF) and is ideal for smaller infestations in a single bedroom.
We set up and pick up

-Includes heater, fans, extension cords, instructions, and advice.

A technician will go and set up the system for you.

We Accept These Forms Of Payments

Heat Pro Payment Options

*We offer a payment plan

We Offer 10% off  To


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10% discount for active duty military, veterans, teachers, or public servants.*

Multiple Homes

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10% discount for multiple homes, apartments, or housing units.*

*Exclusions apply. Call for full promotion details. Only one promotional offering per client. 

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