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Bed Bugs Infestations Are on a Steady Rise in the US. Why?


A pesticide known as DDT was used regularly in the 1930-1960s. DDT was very effective for killing bed bugs and therefore bed bugs were almost non-existent. In 1972, DDT was banned due to hazardous environment effects. 


Since the ban on DDT, bed bug infestations have been on a steady rise. The modern day bed bug has developed tolerance to basically every type of pesticide available on the market. The evolution of fighting bed bug infestations has turned to heat simply because chemical treatments are almost entirely futile. 


It is important to rembember that bed bug infestations are NOT a result of lack of cleanliness. Bed bugs do not discriminate between rich or poor, clean or dirty, young or old, etc. It can happen to anyone! But don't panic, experts are here to help!



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